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Course Code                   : HCCC98

Course Name                  : 2D Animation

Duration                         : 2 Months

Eligibility                        : 10th / +2 / Diploma / Any Degree



An introduction of the various drawing and painting tools in Adobe Flash and their uses and procedures.

Exercise: A clean up drawing from a provided pencil sketch using Adobe Flash.

Design of a character displaying a pose from various perspectives.

Project: Clean up of various poses on multiple layers.

An introduction to combining traditional animation procedures in a digital environment.

Exercises: Several short animations will be produced using a series of traditional animation procedures.

Continued study of digital traditional animation techniques.

Project: Students will create a walk cycle in Adobe Flash.

A study of traditional animation skills.

Exercise: Students will create a 360 degree turn around animation of a character’s head using traditional pose-to-pose animation principles.

Instruction on creating the illusion of camera multi-planing and instruction in the use of Adobe Flash’s Shape Tweening tools.

Exercise: Students will create a multi-plane scene with assets provided by the instructor.

Exercise: Students will design assets and successfully create a shape tween.

Day 1: Instruction on the use of bones in Adobe Flash

Students will create assets and successfully demonstrate the deformation procedures in Adobe Flash.

Day 2: Introduction to various studio workflows used in the digital animation industry.

Instruction in proper scene set up in preparation of final production.

Exercise: Students will practice skill development in scene set up procedures.

Instruction in scene layout procedures in preparation of final production.

Project: Students will successfully create a scene for animation using proper layout procedures.

Instruction of various approaches in final production procedures and implementations.